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This part of the site provides legal information and documents to help you throughout your working life, including your rights as an employee and dealing with workplace disputes.

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See below for the range of services or, for more help and information, click on the law guide topics in the left-hand menu.

Please note, these legal services may be available to you for free if you have AA Home Insurance Legal Expenses Cover. If in doubt, please check your insurance policy documentation.





  • Use this document to apply to your employer to work flexibly by changing your working pattern. The document will also help you to work out if you qualify for the legal right to make an application for… Read more
    Price : £3.99
  • Use this document to appeal against your employer's decision to refuse your application to change your working pattern. It can be used only if, by law, you had a legal right to apply to work flexibly. If… Read more
    Price : £2.99
  • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a grievance meeting you can use this letter to request an appeal meeting. The letter allows you to set out the grounds of your appeal and requests that your… Read more
    Price : £7.99
  • If you have a grievance about something that happened at your workplace, you can use this letter to raise your grievance with your employer. This letter should be sent to your employer as soon as… Read more
    Price : £7.99