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Building work

This part of the site provides legal information and documents to help you through the building life cycle, from setting up the initial contracts through to dealing with any complaints during or after a building project has been completed. We provide a range of fixed-priced services to cover many situations - from contracting with a builder through to successfully terminating if the work is not completed satisfactorily.

  • Start for free using our 'self-drafting' documents
  • Save on legal fees with no compromise on quality
  • Watch as the document is drafted as you answer simple questions
  • Extra support, advice and tailoring available from the Legal Team

See below for the range of services or, for more help and information, click on the law guide topics in the left-hand menu.

Please note, these legal services may be available to you for free if you have AA Home Insurance Legal Expenses Cover. If in doubt, please check your insurance policy documentation.


Managing a builder

Household building work

  • Use this landscaping contract when entering into an agreement with a landscaping contractor to provide new landscaping work and/or maintenance services. The document provides for an option to incorporate… Read more
    Price : £55.00
  • Use this document to create a contract with a builder to complete small-scale building work in a domestic environment. It is intended to encompass minor alterations to the home including decorating… Read more
    Price from: £55.00