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This page provides information and documents to help landlords to manage their properties for the full letting lifecycle, from an initial rental agreement through to termination of tenancy and repossession.

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See below for the range of services or, for more help and information, click on the law guide topics in the left-hand menu.

Please note, these legal services may be available to you for free if you have AA Home Insurance Legal Expenses Cover. If in doubt, please check your insurance policy documentation.



  • A general buy-to-let checklist to be used as initial guidance before entry into this investment market. This document allows you to print out a list of aspects to consider in a hard copy and then as you… Read more
    Price : £14.99

Letting a property

Renting a property

  • Use this agreement if you share, or plan to share, a house or flat with another person or a group of people (up to a maximum of 4 other people). The agreement will set out the financial (e.g… Read more
    Price from: £34.95

Possession proceedings

Possession due to rent arrears

  • This Possession due to Rent Arrears pack comes with checked documents.  Use this if you need to reclaim possession of your property from tenants who have failed to pay the rent and are in arrears… Read more
    Price from: £149.99