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This part of the site provides legal information and documents relating to Wills, including making or changing your Will. If you have not written a Will yet, consider writing one today, as without it, the state may decide how your belongings are distributed.

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Please note, these legal services may be available to you for free if you have AA Home Insurance Legal Expenses Cover. If in doubt, please check your insurance policy documentation.



Living Wills

  • Use this document to create a 'Living Will', which is a document that sets out your wishes regarding health care and how you want to be treated if you become seriously ill and unable to make or… Read more
    Price from: £39.99
  • This is a formal, written revocation of a Living Will. It would be appropriate where the directions given and the views expressed in a Living Will no longer reflect the maker's wishes, and the maker does… Read more
    Price from: £19.99

Changing a Will

Dealing with an estate

Civil Partnership Dissolution

  • Dissolving your civil partnership can be difficult, so we’ve done our best to make the process as quick and simple as possible. This pack includes the Civil Partnership Dissolution Petition required… Read more
    Price from: £125.00

Change of name

  • This document will create a deed poll or statutory declaration (as required) to change your surname and/or first name. Please note that you cannot use either option to change the name of a minor, i.e… Read more
    Price from: £29.99
  • You can easily change the name of your child using this document, provided that you have parental responsibility for that child. Note, however, that you cannot use this document if there is more than one… Read more
    Price from: £29.99