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Form N5 - Claim for possession of property (rent arrears only)

The N5 claim form should be used when applying to court for an order to obtain possession of a property after a notice seeking possession has been served due to rent arrears and the tenants have either failed to vacate the property or pay the arrears by the time given in that notice. It is usually used for rented residential properties. It must be completed together with Form N119. Once completed, both forms must be sent to the relevant court together with the appropriate court fee to be issued. It is only suitable for claims within England & Wales and should not be used for claims using the accelerated possession procedure. Important Notice In order to use this document you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. The Adobe software is free and may be downloaded by clicking here.

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Form N5 - Claim for possession of property (rent arrears only) (View guidance notes)